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I Have My Own Radio Show!

Since I was a little girl there's been one thing I've always wanted and thats to be a presenter! When every other child was surrounded by toys whether it be dolls or cars I had a toy microphone, or camera playing around and generally talking a lot of rubbish. When I was a little bit older I started to play around with CD's and oh when the days of iTunes arrived and I could create my own playlists, I thought all my dreams had come at once! Putting all that together, I was basically practising for my dream job without realising it.

Over the past couple of years I've done a few shows here and there, and a whole lot of demo's. Some of which I never want to hear again and I hope have been lost in some far gone archive! But now...

I have my own show!

Every Sunday between 1-2pm you can hear me on WCR fm where its an hour of ultimate bangers from some of my favourite years. If you love a good 90's/ 00's throwback, a little bit of R'n'B and a sprinkle of cheese. Then this show is for you!

Available to listen on 101.8fm in the West Midlands, DAB or online. Oh and you can also find me on Spotify! 13 year old me would not believe her little ears...

So, make sure you tune in as I would be so grateful. Also interact with the show over on my socials @katielou_99 and let me know what you think!


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