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Katie Lou Returns... again

Hey! It's me Katie Lou, back again for the 1494783 time. If there is one thing I know how to do, it is rebrand this blog but my excuse for this (warning: its a shit excuse) is life is forever changing so with every change comes a change to my blog. See, I told you! More likely to be the fact I'm crap at commitment and get bored very easily but... anyway lets get into this

Back in 2014. 6 god damn years ago... what?! I started a blog.

This is what I call my 'mini Zoella days' the time when every girl wanted to be her (who do I kid, I still want to be her!) I blogged about makeup, fashion and blah, blah, blah you know the drill. I even threw in the odd YouTube video, no don't even think about it... these are not resurfacing!

I then disappeared for a wee while, getting caught up in my head and work but I came back with a blog which I never posted to plus a super cool website (if I do say so myself) as I went freelance which although was hard, was amazing and definitely helped me get where I am now. The freedom was amazing but the business side was a HUGE learning curve... pray for me doing my taxes!

Then surprise! I disappeared again! This time under much more positive circumstances as I took the plunge and got a full time job, an idea I had played with on and off after leaving my previous job but, when one of my favourite companies asked me to work for them I couldn't say no! This meant my website was irrelevant as there's no time to freelance and in the whirlwind I forgot about my blog.

And after that ever so boring tale... we are in the present day! At 10pm on a random Sunday in March  as I sit in bed knowing I should be going to sleep so I'm not a walking zombie tomorrow morning I have decided I will start a blog. Will I read this tomorrow and delete? Probably. Will this be a load of late night gobbledygook? Probably. However, here I am and hopefully you're enjoying so far.

So this time round, its going to be more of a diary. Full of the trials and tribulations of my Bridget Jones-esque life, my experiences whilst globe trotting, and of course as I live and breathe work, all things events and media. Also, pretty sure there will be a side of late night thoughts, amazing food, ridiculously cute dogs and the odd bit of fashion as that is my life summed up in a couple of short sentences.

So welcome to my haphazard life!


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