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My ITV Experience - Working as a Runner

"Ambition is the first step to success. The second is action."

And that's what I did. I love my job but have always had the ache to try working in TV. I saw the opportunity and jumped at it. For two weeks, I worked as a runner in Media City, Salford for ITV on one of their longest running programmes. It was an experience of a life time!

On my first day, nervous was an understatement. Media City is huge and a dream for anyone interested in the industry. A few of the days I spent in the office where I was surprised at just how much research and documentation goes into a show. I really got a feel for the programme and realised TV is a whole different world. I'm going to be honest and say I wasn't sure at first but by the Wednesday of the first week, I was really enjoying it and realised I had took the step and initiative at just the right point in my career. From this, it really put a spring in my step. Helped by the reassurance of friends, who can I say I missed greatly by this point, they told me I'd smash it. Bearing in mind I had never even stepped into a building that created TV at this point, I was also trying to work out, if I 1. wanted to go into television and 2. what job would be right for me.

Although I found life in the office interesting, shoots were where my role really came into it's own and I also found myself enjoying it even more. The days flew by as I was constantly on the go and it could get very busy. I can't go into too much about where I went, what I did and who with. I can say the final Thursday was the highlight for me. One day until I finished and last day on set so I asked all the right questions, tied all loose ends and could be slightly less professional as at this point we all knew it was a wrap and had fun. We were filming on a farm, though the scene had nothing to do with farm life. I got to have my photo with a highland cow and aren't they cute! Also, spent the morning with puppies, smashed windows and genuinely just had fun. You could hardly call a day on set a day at work!

ITV itself was a great place to work, they gave me an amazing chance when I had absolutely no experience, I didn't even study TV, I had no clue. This to me just proves they really support anyone and want people to get into TV. It surpassed all my expectations and the people there couldn't have been lovelier. I would also say I learnt a lot about myself, throwing myself into a whole new environment, as I said earlier was scary! However, by the end of the week I realised I could do some things I thought I couldn't, even just the fact I had to live on my own and didn't know anyone.

I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do in TV, I made a few contacts, gave out a few business cards and I'm about to send out a couple of emails but I won't say no to anything. A few more short term contracts later and who know's what could happen as everyone will know my current job does still have a solid place in my heart.

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