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My Thoughts On International Women's Day

What is a feminist? A question I asked myself this morning as I woke up on International Women's Day. I knew it was about women's rights but no more about it.

Maybe I was naive to not really know... so I googled it and got:

A feminist believes in the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes

And I don't believe I could of summed it up better myself. That's what I support... 'the equality of the sexes' I believe in everyone being equal no matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in.

The gap between men and women shouldn't exist.

I think that the day should be a celebration of women everywhere. There's still so far to go but could we also use the day to celebrate how far we have come. The fact women can now vote. There are more women in stereotypical male roles than ever. Be refused service in a pub. Gender pay gap is closing. A 100 years ago women couldn't even open a bank account. The list is endless. I also love the fact that girls are supporting girls. I love seeing the posts of females with there best friends bigging them up, the emotional posts of people showing there love for lost female relatives and inspirations, and most importantly I love seeing men showing appreciation to there girlfriends, wives, mom's and nan's. It's amazing to see everyone so proud.

However, I just can't wait for the day we don't need to celebrate specific days. Where we don't have to mention feminism because its a thing of the past and that's because it's the day when we are all equal.

Maybe I'm even more naive to believe that could happen, but what's the point in these days if that won't happen. Why should women have a specific day to be celebrated if it makes no impact the rest of the year. We should be celebrated 24/7 365 days a year. Men should be too.

So in short. I don't believe the day should exist. We should be striving for equality every day of the year, appreciating the people we love all the time. Not just on the 8th March. One day I hope this will be the case but in the meantime I will continue to push myself forward but not because I'm a woman but because I'm a person and believe that everyone should strive to achieve the best that they can. Being a woman will never stop me but I will be a feminist to support those who face a lack of equality.

Happy International Women's Day to every woman & man to be celebrated today and everyday.


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