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My Top 5 Tips For Starting Out As a Radio Presenter

In no way could I call myself a professional, I'm just starting out but I love it, its also proven very tricky. The odd show here and there and a weekly one on my local station but during this time I have gained a lot of tips with how to produce a show and start to get noticed in the industry. As even getting a slot in community radio can be hard. So here are my top tips for starting out as a presenter!

"I can remember when I was about 7 I would pause the CD player between songs to back announce and introduce the next!"

1. Demo's Demo's Demo's

Since I was little I have always been chatting away. I can remember when I was about 7 I would pause the CD player between songs to back announce and introduce the next! My first ever demo was recorded into my phone at around 15 doing exactly that. I'd hate to hear it back but it's where I started. It was never heard by anyone but doing a few of these definitely got me more comfortable behind a microphone as who would of thought I used to hate the sound of my own voice! So, then I got the lucky chance to go to a recording studio where I made a professional demo. Again this probably wasn't the best but about 10 million demo's later I got one I was happy with. Now I send them off here, there and everywhere as you can apply for some many roles but without proof you can do it no one will be interested.

2. Be Yourself

This is SO important! Be yourself on air and develop your own on air presence. This will make you stand out especially if you consider yourself funny, or have a little quirk. Don't be afraid to hide it! Also, if you try and become something you are not it will more than likely have the opposite effect and lead to listeners being able to hear straight through it and you won't gain that relationship every presenter and listener needs.

3. Have Self Confidence

I found when I doubted myself I got no where, I even faked it to start with, a little bit of self assurance in your voice can go a long way in persuading someone to give you a chance. If you lack confidence in what you are doing it will come across in your voice. There's nothing worse than presenting and sounding slightly flat or nervous.

4. Get Your Name Out There

I mentioned this briefly earlier, however, I can't express how important this is. Once you've done your demo's apply for anything and everything. There's not just radio presenter jobs when starting out, there's voiceovers, weather readers, continuity announcers, travel readers and much much more which all get you heard. Also, don't just sit back and wait for jobs to be advertised, actively get your name out there. Email's and phone calls are crucial and try everywhere not just your preferable radio station or the one you listen to most. Someone could hear something in you which is exactly what they need.

5. Volunteer!

I don't believe I would have gained the confidence to work in radio without community radio. I have met some of the most amazing people and also retired presenters who give the best tips. It's all about networking and again the best way of getting your name out there is by people hearing you. You never know, someone like a producer could be passing through the area and switch to your station because they can't reach there usual frequency and they like you and look more into your work. It's also a great way of knowing if the job is for you.


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