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Tops Tips for Getting Into The Media Industry!

If I had a pound every time someone asked me 'how did you get into doing that?' I don't think I would have to work another day in my life. (In reality I would as... workaholic springs to mind!) Countless people tell me they are interested in what I do and would love to do something similar but get ignored or haven't found the right opportunity, so if you're in a similar boat, this may help...

1. Work Experience

If I could only give one tip, it would be this and all my points below will be made a lot easier if you do this. I'm not going to say its easy to gain experience, it takes hard work, determination and a hell of a lot of emails and phone calls with 95% being a complete no. However, work experience beats any kind of qualification in the media industry (except some areas e.g. journalism). There are certain skills you can't learn in a classroom and work experience allows you to get a real taste of what you want to do and where. I know it made me change my idea on where i wanted to go but it also led to both my paid jobs since.

2. Do anything

On work experience and since, I have rarely said no to anything! I have always tried to come across willing and interested even if I could think of things better to do, as I knew doing those things well would mean in the future it will pay off and I will get to do the more exciting roles. I remember walking around a shopping centre for endless hours on a Sunday morning giving out leaflets promoting a competition on the radio - there were plenty of things I would of preferred but now it has got me doing really exciting opportunities.

3. Determination & perseverance

I mentioned briefly about determination as 95% of the time you will get knock backs. The first time is hard but just remember there is a huge competition out there and even though you might not be what they were looking for in that particular role you could be the perfect candidate somewhere else!

4. Making relationships

During work experience, interviews, and all my jobs I have made contacts. For me that has gained me extra freelance work as I know that when certain people I know are after a stage manager, presenter, events organiser they are more likely to think of me. Having a large presence on LinkedIn is also an amazing idea!

5. Social media presence

I would 100% say that this blog has unintentionally become an amazing source of work and income. Not only do I get sponsored blogposts which I am so grateful for but it has also given me more work opportunities as people know I am used to social medias, whilst also being up to date and know how to write.

6. Flexibility

This is something I never really had to adapt to as I always prioritise work no matter what but being able to say yes to any opportunity that comes your way even if you have to cancel that day out is key - I'm not saying don't have a social life but be prepared to work hours that are so random as there's not a job I have been in yet where at some point there has been a very early start or late finish.


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