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What I Got Up To In March...

Smiles, stress and striving for the best. It was a whirlwind to say the least! I started the month relaunching my website, rebranding myself and taking the leap of faith into becoming a freelancer. I also got the chance to follow my dreams and work on an ITV show. I also had some great time with friends but no month is all sunshine with its fair few trials and tribulations!

Starting the month off I relaunched my 'brand'... Katie Lou with a whole new look. I also extended it from a blog to my presenting and event management. I hope it explains why it was a little quiet over here as it took me FOREVER! I started it in January and was only happy with it the day before I planned to announce it. There was a lot of stress! Picking the platform, designing the website and the graphics all myself, fiddling around with html's. Being a complete perfectionist didn't help either.

I then continued with my radio show, I started producing it myself which I'm so happy about as now I can do both sides rather than rambling on between songs! I also created a demo, and feel I really started to grow with confidence. You can listen on fm via 101.80 in the West Midlands or online HERE between 1-2pm!

Moving onto ITV which I won't talk too much about as I have wrote a post you can read HERE. It was an amazing experience. On the first two days I wasn't entirely sure it was for me but once I got into it, I started to really enjoy it and would 100% do more of it in the future if the opportunity arose. It was also very weird being away from home on my own. I mean, I've been away with friends or someone I know but never completely isolated without knowing anyone at all it was very weird to start with. I would absolutely love to go back and be a runner again in the future if the opportunity arose.

Since then, I have been back to normality and trying my hardest to push forward with events as that's where my head's currently at, it's definitely my focus. I'm hoping April is even more exciting and jam packed!

How was March for you?


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