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What's Been Happening?

It's been a while since I sat down and wrote a post - August to be exact, a lack of creativity and a influx of work have been the main blames but a lot has changed. From back in 2015 when I had little cares in the world so shared my latest lippy love to fashion fave to early this year when that little space for my thoughts became this website, a space attached to my business website where I shared my new journey - the journey of life and the highs (&lows) of being a freelancer. But again, this has changed as unexpectedly I got a new job!

I didn't apply for the job, but it was an offer I couldn't refuse as I adored the company. Based in a little office in the countryside, with a team of the most amazing, supportive people (and dogs) where together we put on events. I get full rein on creativity, coming up with everything from the idea all the way through to implementation. I can finally say I am completely happy. I loved the events as I did as a freelancer but all the foundations of the events were already put in place and I was told my role and what to do. What I didn't love was the constant pressure of trying to find work. Long event days, some of 14 hours, getting home in the early hours then having to scout out the next job became tiring not only physically but mentally. It's not to say I wouldn't do it in the future but at the moment I not only love my job but I love the security.

I can now officially say I am happy with where I am.

There was one little thing I thought about though, and that's I missed something. It took me a while to figure out what but then all of a sudden I was flooded with idea's and that was blog post idea's. With my new website being professional, I had no where to share my latest discoveries, my ideas, where I travelled, and even where I went for lunch! So here it is... I'm not committing to a post a week but Katie Lou is back...


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